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For knowing communities

Our various Portraits transform Census data into instant reports, illustrated with charts and ready to print. We save you time by doing all the number-crunching, chart-fiddling, and text explanations needed to turn ABS numbers into useful knowledge. You can edit or cut-and-paste text, charts or tables to use in planning reports, analysis and community information.

Our Interactive Planning Tools let you delve into ABS Census Data to understand a community better. There are tools for age groups, trends, and projections. All are based in Excel with easy-to-use menus; you alter the parameters and the ready-to-print report updates before your eyes.

All of our products come in Excel™, ready to print, incorporate into your own reports and submissions, or up-load to your website as PDFs or webpages. Versatile to varied needs.

Our Consulting focuses on helping you understand communities through processes of consultation, surveys, and other social planning activities.