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Census Support
Social Planning

Social planning processes include a number of distinct investigations. We can help:

  • Design surveys and analyse data for a deeper understanding of issues;
  • Blend research and consultation to help communities plan their future knowledgeably;
  • Develop, write and produce interesting and useful policies, plans and programs;
  • Plan effective consultation and communication strategies.

Facilitation and Process Management

Social planning is ineffective if the process does not tap community knowledge and enthusiasm and strengthens the community’s capacity to carry out agreed changes. We are adept at facilitating and managing processes to achieve outcomes.

  • We have run many focus groups and policy development groups, and are able to move a group along exploring issues, developing ideas and seeking consensus.
  • We can design the process for your social planning study to blend valid research and effective consultation, creating dialogue and developing consensus on priorities.
  • We design effective conferences and seminars involving presentation, consultation and response stages.
  • We aim to help organisations collaborate and adapt so they work strategically.
  • We can facilitate key events where an outsider can play a legitimate role.
  • Our studies are often part of a developmental process, engaging stakeholders or interest groups in working through complex issues.

Community Management and Evaluation

The Public Practice has assisted many organisations clarify their objectives and restructure their operations so they can provide a more effective service. We work with management bodies, staff and users to assemble constructive proposals for organisational development.

The Public Practice has completed evaluations of services and programs at local, state, and federal level. We have extensive experience in budgeting and financial management, which are so critical to organisational effectiveness.

Easy reading

  • We aim to make our work a pleasure to read, written in a style suitable for its audience.
  • Our desktop publishing experience enables us to produce attractive materials for community information such as newsletters, leaflets and so forth.
  • Our reports are action oriented and readable documents, not weighty tomes destined to gather dust on shelves.

Surveys and Statistics

  • We are adept at taking large data bases, analysing and interpreting these to identify facts and trends, using spreadsheet, database and statistical programs.
  • We analyse budgets and finances for groups to improve financial management.
  • We have completed many community surveys, with careful design and testing to avoid ambiguity and statistical unreliability.
  • Data is analysed, interpreted and results are presented clearly and concisely.

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