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2011 Census Portraits

Community Portrait This 5,000 word, full-colour illustrated report describes the main characteristics of your community. Covering 40 topics, it draws upon 2011 and 2006 Census data to examine socio-economic changes in your community, compared with your region or state.  
Indigenous Portrait Watching the Gap The Watching the Gap Indigenous Portrait is a 30 page report that compares the gaps in living standards between Indigenous people with others, using a wide variety of socioeconomic indicators calculated from the 2011, 2006 and 2001 Censuses.  
Economic Portrait The Economic Portrait is a 50-page analysis of an area's local economy, from Census and other data. It describes the characteristics and changes of the local economy, including industries, occupations and the local labour supply-demand balance.  
Housing Portrait The Housing Portrait consolidates information on housing from tables in different ABS profiles to describe the detailed nature, changes, affordability and occupancy of housing across a Local Government Area.  

Common features

  • The emphasis in Portraits is on words that explain ABS data. Many people find tables of data perplexing, and charts are often not understood. Each portrait has thousands of words explaining the meaning of the data.
  • All the text is generated automatically using our unique Portrait Painter software. The words explain the main features of your community that data analysis reveals.
  • You can edit the text before printing or publishing, if you want to add further comment.
  • Tables have key results highlighted.
  • Charts are customised to show important factors clearly.
  • Every Portrait gives statistics meaning by comparing your community with a larger area, which you nominate (e.g. your region or state). Where relevant, Portraits compare data across two Censuses to identify changes and trends.
  • All Portraits are provided as a PDF that is ready to distribute or publish electronically, or print as a full-colour report.
  • Portraits can be printed as web pages, too.
  • Portraits are prepared in Excel ™ and provided as a workbook. You can edit the Excel version as much as you want, then re-publish yourself. Copy and paste to other reports!
  • The workbook comes with attached sheets showing the raw ABS Census data. You can trace all numbers in the Portrait back to the original Census data, or look up other facts.


Click here to view a sample Community Portrait 2011 as a PDF.

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