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Economic Portrait
Sample Economic Portrait  

An Economic Portrait provides a cost-effective solution to the problem of keeping up to date without wasting time. The Portrait combines data from the 2011 and 2006 Censuses with more current data from the ABS, the Tax Office, CentreLink, and the Department of Employment.

The Portrait analyses the industries, businesses, capacities and workforce of any Council area (or combination of areas). It compares your resident workers with your local workforce to show the types of workers 'imported' and 'exported' from your area, and it includes comparisons between 2011 and 2006 data to show changes in your local economy.

The Economic Portrait saves you weeks of work by assembling and examining data on your community's capacities, businesses, industries and workforce. Now you can produce the facts, illustrated with graphs, when you need them.


The Economic Portrait uses data from the 2011 and 2006 Censuses for both the residents and working populations, supplemented with more recent data including the ABS estimated population, unemployment rates, Tax Office and Centrelink data.

Each of the topics prints as an A4 page or two, with text explaining the key features, charts and associated data tables. Some topics are interactive, in the Excel version, allowing you to focus on particular subgroups (e.g. age groups or gender).

The Portrait is provided as an Excel workbook. The main report sheet contains the Portrait, ready to print or edit as you will. Other sheets contain all the source data from which the Portrait extracts its information.

The Portrait is also delivered as a PDF, ready to be uploaded to your website, and as a text file, for ease of cut-and-paste. It can also be published as an HTML web page.


Click here to download a sample Economic Portrait as a PDF. Email us for an Excel sample.


The Economic Portrait costs $3,600 plus GST. It is provided in PDF, Excel and text-only formats. In the Excel version, you can use the interactive features of the Portrait, edit the text and colours as needed, and print your edited versions in hardcopy or as a PDF for distribution, including uploading to websites.

The Portrait can be updated quarterly when as new employment data is released.

The Portrait Painter software allows you to produce as many Portraits as you want. Designed for government departments, this is the economical way to provide data for many and any communities.

To order an Economic Portrait, download an order form here or call us.

Proudly supporting Economic Development Australia

National Economic Development Conference site

The Public Practice is proud to have been a Sponsor of three National Conferences of Economic Development Australia, an association of professionals working in the field. The Economic Portrait was designed to make work easier for economic development workers.