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The Community Portrait turns the ABS Basic Community Profile, a set of 40-odd tables from the Census, into an easy-to-read report describing the key demographic characteristics and changes of any community.

Topics cover population growth, households, housing, community capital, education, employment and community culture.

Every community can benefit from knowing itself better through this essential demographic profile.

This report brings your statistics to life by explaining data and pointing out key facts in clear writing. Statistics are given meaning by comparing your community over two Censuses and with a second area, which you nominate. Each Community Portrait has over 5,000 words of clearly written text, with 45 charts and tables.


Community Portrait cover page  

The Community Portrait uses data from the ABS Basic Community Profile (BCP) from the 2011 and 2006 Censuses, reporting on a wide range of demographic characteristics. It compares data for your area for two Censuses with data for a second area (e.g. wider region or state - your choice) to provide an explanation of what the data shows.

The Community Portrait is provided as an Excel spreadsheet consisting of various sheets. Your Portrait is the main sheet, ready to print or edit. Other spreadsheets hold the ABS data for the two areas and two Censuses, for easy reference.

A PDF version can be published from Excel and is provided with your order. From Excel, you can publish a Portrait as a HTML file for your website. You can easily cut charts, text or tables from your Excel Portrait into Word, PowerPoint or other applications.


  Community Portrait sample page

A Community Portrait can be prepared for any Census area from the smallest, a Census Collectors District of about 200 houses, to a suburb, postcode, council or region, or any combination.

The Portrait describes all people who normally live in a place. This mean that Census-night visitors are not included, but absentee residents are.


Click to view a 2011 Community Portrait as a PDF.


The Community Portrait for any community costs $3,600 +GST. Discounts are available for multiple Portraits and for 2006 customers.

To order, download an order form here.