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Tracking the Gaps

Indigenous Portrait 2011

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An Indigenous Portrait turns Census data given by Indigenous people into an easy-to-read, illustrated report about their community, ready to distribute and use as a resource for planning ways of dealing with local concerns.

The Indigenous Portrait examines the population and growth, living arrangements, housing, education, employment and community capital of any place's Indigenous people.

Characteristics and indicators of well-being are calculated and compared with any other Indigenous community (e.g. the state or region), and with the non-Indigenous residents.

The Indigenous Portrait tracks the differences or gaps between the Indigenous community and other Australians over ten years to see if they have narrowed.

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The Indigenous Portrait draws most of its data from the ABS Census product called the Indigenous Profile, which is available from the ABS for any Local Government Area, Indigenous Locality, and larger areas. Our unique Portrait Painter software loads dozens of data tables from the 2001, 2006 and 2001 Censuses, and writes the 24-page Portrait in an Excel workbook.

The Indigenous Portrait comes ready to print as a full-colour or monotone report, a PDF or even a webpage, easy to distribute as toy need.

Using the Excel version, you can edit any of the text or change the Portrait as much as you want, tailoring it to specific your needs. In the Excel version, most charts are intereactive and can compare the local Indigenous community with different groups and times.

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Samples and Pricing

Click to see a PDF sample Indigenous Portrait or Attachments.

Click to see a web sample Indigenous Portrait or Attachments

The Indigenous Portrait for any area costs $3,600 + GST, and is delivered within days of ordering. A free update will be provided in November when the rest of the Indigenous data for 2011 is released by the ABS.

Indigenous-controlled non-profit organisations get substantial discounts.

To order, download an order form here.